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What are they?

Ceramides are natural components of the epidermis that help to control the optimal moisturising level, giving the skin a smooth, firm and flexible appearance. The passing of time, environmental aggressions and daily stress are the causes for the reduction in ceramide production, in a natural way, with the result being aged skin and a dull aspect. REUSER has created, FOR YOU, a preventive-regenerating INTENSIVE treatment: “CERAMIDAS E+F PLUS”. A TOTAL INNOVATION in the world of aesthetics as it includes ceramides from plants, vitamins and phospholipids in its formulation, to fight the causes of skin ageing. A TOTAL COSMETIC REVOLUTION, registered and endorsed by the health authorities. With repairing, regenerating and revitalising effects, with VISIBLE RESULTS in a few days. A TOTAL GLOBAL TREATMENT and a SOURCE of WELLBEING in just one application. A TOTAL SENSATION OF PLEASURE…


Continued treatment with “CERAMIDAS E+F PLUS” REUSER generates the following EFFECTS on your skin:

  • Repairing effect

They repair and strengthen the epidermis barrier, noticeably reducing the symptoms of skin irritation, dryness, redness and flaking, fundamentally in the bare areas like your face, neck and hands.

  • Regenerating effect

They provide substances that the skin losses with the passing of time, restoring and renewing the affected tissues.

  • Anti-ageing effect

They rejuvenate and smooth out sensitive skin or skin exposed to environmental factors, accelerating oxygenation and the creation of new cells.

  • Anti-wrinkle effect

They diminish wrinkles, the appearance of skin blemishes and they soften laughter lines, providing your skin with a firm and luminous appearance accompanied by a sensation of wellbeing and comfort.

  • Revitalising effect

They increase skin moisturising, reducing the signs of fatigue and markedly improving its appearance.


The CERAMIDAS E+F PLUS REUSER as a PREVENTIVE-REGENERATING treatment are specially designed to be applied on the following areas:

  • Face and neck

THE CERAMIDAS E+F REUSER delay the formation of wrinkles and visibly minimise those existing in the face and neck areas, showing skin that is younger and firmer. To these effects we add the advantages of vitamin E, present in the  REUSER ceramides, an inhibitor of free radicals and a protector against solar radiation. How to use: Apply a capsule daily in the morning and/or at night, spreading the content over your clean face and neck.

  • Eyes and lips

THE CERAMIDAS E+F REUSER give the skin around your eyes and lips great smoothness and tautness, eliminating the symptoms of dryness and flaking, protecting them from solar radiation. How to use: Apply a capsule daily in the morning and/or at night, spreading the content around your eyes and lips.

  • Hands and feet

THE CERAMIDAS E+F REUSER, give their rich vitamin content, reduce hand and feet dryness, cracks and flaking, providing an immediate sensation of comfort and smoothness.

How to use: Apply the content of the capsule over the desired areas


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