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Specialists in the distribution of products for laboratories, hospitals and medical centres

 Reuser Group

         In 1993,  GRUPO REUSER started out on its business venture, dedicated to the distribution of health-related products, mainly focusing of the pharmaceutical and hospital sectors.

REUSER, LABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS and MEDITÉCNICA SOLUTIONS, are the companies from which the group carries out its activity in the field of healthcare distribution, both on a national and international scale.

The continued spirit of achievement and improving the know-how of the entire GRUPO REUSER team, has led to it earning the professional confidence of institutions, both public and private and in the national and international healthcare sectors that it works with. This business background means GRUPO REUSER has amassed profound market knowledge, giving it a privileged position when carrying out its activity.

GRUPO REUSER’s corporate mission is to meet, quickly and neatly, the distribution of all of its high quality products, offering a comprehensive and personal service in line with the requirements of each and every one of its customers.

Concerns about social and environmental issues also form part of GRUPO REUSER’s idiosyncrasy, expressing a clear interest to implement the basic principles of corporate responsibility as declared in the United Nations Global Pact.

From this perspective, GRUPO REUSER proposes to act under a business paradigm, with the intention of reaching major recognition from its customers, suppliers, competitors, investors, employees and society in general, as a company at the service of health.

Logo Reuser

REUSER is the original company of REUSER GROUP, known as a distributor in the Hospital sector (Medical equipment, consumables and clinical furniture), the Pharmaceutical sector (Active, generic and specialised ingredients) and the laboratory sector (Equipment, reagents for research and development and laboratory furniture).

REUSER’s activity does not just fit in with the national healthcare distribution market but also, since its beginnings, it has been defined as a significant export-oriented company, finding its main customers in the European, Asian with Latin American markets.

REUSER has taken on, as a business mission, to offer the best service in the shortest possible time, aiming to satisfy at all times the quality standards and prices demanded in the distribution of its wide range of products. That’s why REUSER’s work method is continually under a process of improvement and innovation with the purpose of reaching the target of excellence in each and every one of the processes that form part of its business activity.

REUSER’s business dynamism and outlook has also led it to enter the top-of–the-range cosmetics sector developing, with the pertinent health authorisations, a new and revolutionary product, with a plant base, aimed at skincare and beauty: CERAMIDAS E + F PLUS®, which it sells through its Cosmetic Division.

logo LabomedicalLABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS is the second company in  REUSER GROUP , whose main activity is the national distribution of consumable materials and hospital medical equipment. One of LABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS’s lines of action is the distribution of new and specific material in all types of Health Education and Prevention Programmes, which entails a direct collaboration relationship with Institutions, Public Health Authorities, Local Corporations and other private entities like: NGO´s, Associations, Committees, Federations, etc. LABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS’s facet as a distributor in the health education programmes has taken on a lot more importance, to the point of becoming one of the company’s main fields. Driven not only by good customer service, but also by its deep awareness of social issues. LABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS has known how to adapt to the market’s needs, whose demand is very different from the rest of the healthcare distribution sector’s features. For the company, this ability has become its distinguishing characteristic that gives it an image linked to Social Commitment and good Customer Service. As a result of its diversification strategy, we would also highlight the entrance of  LABOMEDICAL PRODUCTS into a new market, adapting its services in distribution to the Geriatric Sector.

logo meditecnicaMEDITECNICA SOLUTIONS emerges, as the third REUSER GROUP company, with the aim of developing its activity in the hospital and laboratory distribution sector on an INTERNATIONAL scale. MEDITECNICA SOLUTIONS distributes a large variety of products on an international scale and it works with a wide selection of top-class manufacturers, who help us in the assessment of the distributed products’ applications. We have an extensive range of products at your disposal; from chemical reagents, glass and plastic material, filtration products, equipment and instruments (also for HPLC Chromatography), to the design and installation of laboratory furniture. Our strategy focused on results, internal development, the continuous innovation and improvement process, collaboration and teamwork, fundamentally centred on getting the best results for our end customers. This is the way in which we choose and encourage our team’s continuous improvement, our main asset and that is what makes MEDITECNICA SOLUTIONS different. Due its international nature, MEDITECNICA SOLUTIONS is continually in an expansion and diversification process, detecting new needs and discovering new solutions to provide its customers with, under the solid commitment to efficiency and quality, which form part of the idiosyncrasies of the business group that it belongs to.

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